My name is Judy Saylor and I am a pet lover that is finally getting to pursue a career that I have always dreamed of. For years I worked in the cooperate world but deep down I knew that my true passion resided with animals. Now I am officially running a pet sitting business by the name of Tucson’s Frisky Furballs in honor of my late, loyal shelty Tucson.

The services I provide are all very flexible and are based on the needs of the clients. Some of these services are:

  • Lunch-Time Let Outs – When you are at work and cannot make it home to your pets for lunch I can come let them out, feed them, and what ever else is necessary.
  • Overnight Care – When you are out of town and need someone to watch over your pets. I am willing to come check on your pets, stay with them at your residence, or bring them to my residence if needed.
  • Walks & Playing – Anytime you need someone to come give your animals some exercise.
  • Feeding – Whenever you can’t get to you animals in time to give them a meal
  • Any Special Requests – I am open to whatever type of care you would like your pets to receive.